GTA 5 FB Beryl M762

GTA 5 FB Beryl M762

In the vast virtual world of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5), players are constantly on the lookout for the best weapons to dominate their adversaries. One such formidable weapon that has captured the attention of avid gamers is the FB Beryl M762. In this article, we will delve into the depths of this firearm, exploring its origins, specifications, and its role in the ever-evolving GTA 5 universe.

Origin and History

The FB Beryl M762 is a real-world firearm that originates from Poland, where it was designed and manufactured by the renowned firearms company Fabryka Broni Ɓucznik-Radom. In the game, it represents the modern military assault rifle, adding a dose of realism to the chaos of the virtual world. This weapon first made its appearance in GTA 5 as part of the Gunrunning update, introducing a wide range of powerful firearms to the game.

GTA 5 FB Beryl M762

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Caliber: The FB Beryl M762 is chambered in the 7.62x39mm cartridge, which offers superior stopping power compared to smaller calibers.

Fire Rate: This weapon boasts a moderate rate of fire, making it a versatile choice for both close-quarters combat and mid-range engagements.

Magazine Capacity: The default magazine size for the FB Beryl M762 in GTA 5 is 30 rounds. However, players can upgrade it to hold up to 60 rounds with appropriate modifications.
Attachments: Like many other firearms in the game, the FB Beryl M762 can be customized with various attachments such as scopes, suppressors, and extended magazines, allowing players to fine-tune it to their preferred playstyle.

Damage: The 7.62x39mm rounds fired by the FB Beryl M762 pack a punch, dealing substantial damage to both enemies and vehicles.

GTA 5 FB Beryl M762

GTA 5 FB Beryl M762


In the ever-expanding universe of GTA 5, the FB Beryl M762 stands as a testament to the game's commitment to realism and variety. Its real-world origins and impressive specifications have cemented its status as a fan-favorite weapon. Whether you're embarking on intense heists or battling rival players in the streets of Los Santos, the FB Beryl M762 is a reliable companion that delivers power and precision when you need it most. So, load up your virtual magazine, customize your attachments, and get ready to dominate the virtual world with this formidable firearm.

Install everything (except Mag 3) in:

mods - update - x64 - dlcpacks - patchday8ng - dlc.rpf - x64 - models - cdimages - weapons.rpf

Install Mag 3 in:

mods - update - x64 - dlcpacks - mpexecutive - dlc.rpf - x64 - models - cdimages - weapons.rpf

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