GTA 5 Awesomekills Graphics

Exploring the World of GTA 5: Awesomekills Graphics Mod

If you've ever ventured into the vast and immersive world of Grand Theft Auto 5, you know that it's a game that's already bursting with stunning visuals and an incredibly detailed open-world environment. However, for some players, the quest for even more breathtaking graphics and realism is never-ending. That's where mods come into play, and one such mod that has captured the hearts of many is the "Awesomekills Graphics Mod."

A Glimpse into the Modding Community

The modding community surrounding GTA 5 is a vibrant and creative one. Modders from around the world invest countless hours in developing enhancements and modifications that can transform the game into an entirely new experience. These mods can range from simple character skins to entirely new game mechanics. One popular aspect of modding is improving the game's visuals, and the Awesomekills Graphics Mod is a shining example of this.

GTA 5 Awesomekills Graphics

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What is the Awesomekills Graphics Mod?

The Awesomekills Graphics Mod, created by the talented modder "Awesomekills," is a comprehensive graphics enhancement for Grand Theft Auto 5. This mod is not just about making the game look better; it's about taking it to a level of visual fidelity that you might not have thought possible in a game that was originally released back in 2013.

This graphics mod is designed to provide players with a jaw-dropping visual overhaul. It replaces textures, enhances lighting, and reworks various visual effects to bring the game's graphics up to par with modern titles. The result is nothing short of breathtaking, as Los Santos and Blaine County come to life like never before.

GTA 5 Awesomekills Graphics

GTA 5 Awesomekills Graphics

GTA 5 Awesomekills Graphics


In the ever-evolving world of Grand Theft Auto 5 modding, the Awesomekills Graphics Mod stands out as a testament to the creativity and dedication of modders. It takes an already stunning game and elevates it to a level of visual splendor that can leave even long-time players in awe. If you're looking to rekindle your love for Los Santos and experience GTA 5 in a whole new light, the Awesomekills Graphics Mod is a must-try.

As always, when using mods, it's crucial to follow installation instructions carefully and be mindful of compatibility to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. So, why wait? Dive into the world of GTA 5 like never before and let the Awesomekills Graphics Mod redefine your virtual Los Santos experience.


1. Using OpenlV install VisualV.
2. Using OpenlV install Awesomekills graphics.oiv package
3. Install Reshade
4. Delete "reshade-shaders" folder from your GTAV folder
5. Copy all files from "5 step folder" to your GTAV folder with replace.
6. Change path in "ReShade.ini" file from "6 step" folder (helping picture with instructions included), save it and copy to your GTAV folder

If you have troubles with install check video tutorial:

Included reshade presets list:
Awesomekills NORT Gameplay - preset for gameplay &screenshots
Awesomekills NORT Screens Small DOF - preset for screenshots with small DOF
Awesomekills NORT Screens - preset for screenshots with big DOF

Get This Mod: Link1 Link2
Password: Free
Size: 18.MB 
File Name:  Awesomekills Graphics