GTA 5 San Andreas Dead Zombie Mod

GTA 5 San Andreas Dead Zombie

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is a game that has left an indelible mark on the gaming industry, captivating players with its immersive open-world experience, compelling characters, and endless opportunities for mayhem. However, the modding community surrounding GTA 5 has taken the game to new heights, breathing fresh life into the streets of Los Santos. One such mod that has garnered significant attention and acclaim is the "San Andreas Dead Zombie Mod," a thrilling twist that transforms the familiar GTA 5 landscape into a post-apocalyptic world overrun by hordes of the undead.

The Rise of Modding in GTA 5

Before diving into the details of the San Andreas Dead Zombie Mod, it's essential to understand the significance of modding in the GTA community. Modding, short for modification, allows players and modders to alter and expand the game beyond its original parameters. This phenomenon has spawned a passionate subculture, with creative minds worldwide adding their own unique touches to the game.

GTA 5 San Andreas Dead Zombie Mod

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San Andreas Dead Zombie Mod: An Overview

The San Andreas Dead Zombie Mod, also known simply as the "Zombie Mod," is a prime example of the innovation that the modding community brings to GTA 5. Developed by talented modders, this mod takes the game's bustling city of Los Santos and transforms it into a post-apocalyptic nightmare, teeming with zombies hungry for human flesh.

GTA 5 San Andreas Dead Zombie Mod


The San Andreas Dead Zombie Mod is a shining example of the creativity and passion of the GTA 5 modding community. It takes an already fantastic game and transforms it into a thrilling survival horror experience. Whether you're a seasoned GTA 5 player or new to the game, this mod offers an exciting and challenging twist on the familiar streets of Los Santos. So, grab your weapons, prepare for the apocalypse, and dive into this thrilling mod to experience GTA 5 in an entirely new light.




Copy "SanAndreasDead.dll" and "SanAndreasDead.ini" to "scripts" folder.


Input "sadead" to cheat console, zombie mode start.
Re-input will stop the zombie mode.
Zombies dropping first aid kits, you can pick up it.
Press LT when you unarmed and have first aid kit to use the first aid kit to heal.
Other survivor who are not hostile by approaching them and pressing context button , who be friend and  will accompany.
Press character switch wheel button to call a friends or to check the number of first aid kits you currently have.
A stun gun can be used to revive a fallen friend.

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Password: Free
Size: 1.MB 
File Name: San Andreas Dead Zombie