Traffic Rider APK V1.98 Mod [Unlimited Money]

Traffic Rider MOD APK v1.98

Enthusiasts of racing games are likely acquainted with the popular Traffic Racer game. The same developers have now introduced us to another thrilling experience with Traffic Rider, a game that mirrors the excitement of its predecessor. This free Android racing game boasts realistic bikes complete with authentic sound effects, providing players with an immersive two-wheeled adventure on their mobile devices. Navigate through the city streets on these exclusive bikes, and brace yourself for a genuinely realistic and exhilarating ride. With a plethora of challenging missions, Traffic Rider ensures that players stay captivated for extended periods. Continue reading to delve deeper into the features of the Traffic Rider Mod Apk.

Traffic Rider  APK v1.98


  • Immersive Visuals:
  • Experience the thrill of realistic and captivating visuals that enhance your overall gaming experience. Tailor the graphics settings to your liking through the customizable options in the Game Settings menu.
  •  Diverse Selection of Motorcycles:
  • Explore a collection of 26 authentic and visually appealing motorcycles within the game. Each bike is meticulously designed for realism and allure. Initially, most bikes are locked, but in this MOD version, you have the opportunity to unlock them instantly, adding a layer of excitement to your gameplay.
  • Authentic Audio Atmosphere:
  •  Engage in an exhilarating gaming experience with lifelike sound effects. The game features realistic audio, including authentic bike sounds, traffic noises, and engine roars. The attention to detail in the auditory experience makes you feel as though you are genuinely navigating the roads on a powerful motorcycle."


  • Navigating the game is a breeze with straightforward controls. Find the hand brake and accelerator conveniently placed on the left and right sides of your screen. Tilt your device left or right for seamless left-right movement. If you prefer a different control setup, feel free to customize and adapt them to your liking, providing you with a personalized and user-friendly gaming experience."

Unlimited Money & Everything Unlocked

  • In this modified version of the game, you have access to unlimited funds, eliminating the need to spend time completing missions for monetary rewards. Instantly upgrade and unlock every mission and vehicle within seconds, allowing you to enjoy the full spectrum of features without any unnecessary delays."


  • Online Play in Traffic Rider:
  • Enjoy the flexibility of playing Traffic Rider either by downloading the game or accessing it as an HTML5 game online, eliminating the need for downloads. 
  • Unlimited Currency in Traffic Rider Mod:
  • Certainly, the MOD version provides an unlimited supply of in-game currency, offering a more liberating and enjoyable gaming experience.
  •  Free Access to Traffic Rider:
  • Traffic Rider is a freely available Android game, offering an accessible gaming experience without any
  • upfront costs. While it's free to play, there are in-app purchase options for acquiring various in-game items.
  •  Abundant Levels in Traffic Rider:
  • Explore more than 40 levels in the game, all conveniently unlocked by default in this modified APK version, allowing you to delve into the full spectrum of challenges right from the start.

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Mods Name: Traffic Rider  APK V1.98 [Unlimited Money]
Version V1.98
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Traffic Rider  APK v1.98


Traffic Rider offers a dynamic and engaging gaming experience with its online play options and a seamless choice between downloading or playing online as an HTML5 game. The MOD version enhances the experience by providing unlimited in-game currency, allowing players to effortlessly unlock and upgrade various elements. As a free Android game, Traffic Rider is accessible to a broad audience, although in-app purchases offer additional items for those seeking extra features. With over 40 levels available, the modified APK ensures all levels are unlocked from the beginning, providing players with immediate access to a diverse range of challenges. In essence, Traffic Rider combines accessibility, customization, and excitement for a thoroughly enjoyable gaming adventure.

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